Let’s talk wedding… during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic is the world’s number one topic right now. There is uncertainty, fear, and a lot of misinformation. Planning a wedding on regular times can be stressful. Right now, we are dealing with unprecedented events which add high levels of anxiety to any couple. Of course, us planners feel the pain as well. However, despite all, I am hopeful this situation will be under control soon.

I want to take this moment and send, from my home to yours, positive and health vibes, confident that, this too, shall pass!

So, what to do if my wedding is weeks away in Puerto Rico? To help you prepare and give you peace of mind, I want to share five tips to help you keep your sanity during these times.

  1. I’m sure he/she already did but, ensure to get in contact with your planner immediately to discuss your options. Keep in mind your planner is your main point of contact and connection to all the wedding details and vendors so, let’s open the communication and keep the conversations going with your wedding team.
  2. Follow official and trustworthy information! Social media is a great tool for keeping us on the loop of things, but it can also provide tons of misinformation. Tune into your local government authorities, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control (CDC).
  3. If needed, consider postponing your big day. As per March 15, 2020, the CDC has officially recommended the postponement of weddings in the United States for eight weeks, or until mid-May. Review all your vendor contracts and talk to your planner about the possibility of future alternate dates. Keep in mind, weekdays are usually best in terms of availability for the providers.
  4. Keep your guests informed about any decisions made, especially if you are set on postponing the wedding and guests need to travel.
  5. Focus on your safety and keep calm. Every situation has a solution so, don’t add stress to your life because of the wedding. Remember you have an awesome planner and team of professionals that got your back. Don’t hurry into decisions, always consult first with your partner and planner.

Remember, your wedding will be fabulous on whatever date it finally happens. We got you!

Stay safe and happy planning!

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Who is this wedding planner pro and why do I need one?

Congrats on your engagement! You are ecstatic, emotional and overwhelmed with joy. Let’s talk wedding!

Right after the ring, wedding planning thoughts are almost immediate. You indulge in wedding magazines, Pinterest boards, Martha Stewart Weddings online, The Knot, just to name a few. Dreams, visions and ideas are flowing like river water. Happiness at its best!

The anxiety of not knowing where to start and how to do it comes right after.

There are many details and tons of moving pieces involving a memorable wedding. Where do I start? How many guests? How much will it cost? These are the most common questions recently engaged couples ask, maybe at the verge of hyperventilating!

It might sound cliché but, a professional wedding planner is the answer for all these questions. Really. I assure you, after you hire your planner, your stress level will decrease dramatically.

The reality is, we are not a luxury. We are a necessary investment. This is a one-time event and we are here to make it the best experience possible. As a professional, I’m aware of the big responsibility your trust means. My promise to you is to perform all tasks with professionalism, diligence, emphathy and always grateful for the opportunity you have given me to be part of your special day.

What does a wedding planner do? Is a wedding planner the same as a wedding coordinator?

A wedding planner works for the couple. We are the couple’s right hand and clinical eyes. We are constantly watching for your best interests, always being sincere, ethical and realistic. We ask, negotiate, analyze, manage and communicate. Our main goal is to provide the best planning experience, not just on the day of the wedding but also during the planning process.

Wedding planning involves wedding coordination. Although it is very common to call us wedding coordinators only, coordination is just one of the many tasks that we perform, usually after the planning part is completed. There are wedding coordination services exclusively you can hire, but in full wedding planning, the coordination is included.

How do we do it?

Organization is key. A great wedding planner must master task and time management. She or he should also be able to prioritize effectively, have attention to detail, have excellent verbal and written communication, good understanding of technology, possess good knowledge of the many components of the wedding event: social etiquette, flowers, bridal trends, wine and food pairing among many other important qualities.

The couple’s vision and taste are always our focus but having a professional that can provide direction and recommendations towards what you desire is highly valuable.

What are the most important qualities I should look for in a wedding planner?

Chemistry. It is very important that you like and connect with the person you’ll be working closely with for the next year or more. There are many great planners out there, but there’s one who will truly connect with you and your couple style. You need to feel comfortable asking her or him questions and express your opinions and concerns. A great wedding planner is resourceful, ethical, flexible and fun! Must be able to provide alternatives and be realistic.

Runs a legitimate business. A good wedding planner runs a serious and legitimate business. This means it is registered under the proper laws and regulations to operate, pays the corresponding patent fees and is insured. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential planner candidates for their business credentials, experience and client reviews.

Keep in mind, a wedding planner doesn’t limit their tasks to just hire wedding vendors. Our job is much more than that. We plan, manage a team, coordinate, negotiate, prepare contingency plans and plan the wedding. Just the value you need to fully enjoy your day, before, during and after the event.


Happy planning!

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